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MEMPHIS, Tenn. – – A peace activist is fighting for her life after falling victim to the very kind of crime she’s trying to stop.

Choosey Parker was shot March 18 near the Purple Haze nightclub downtown.

Two men have been charged in the incident, according to police records.

Alan Neal, 27, of West Memphis faces aggravated assault and weapons charges. Frank Tuggle, 43, of Memphis also is charged with aggravated assault.

Neal told police that Tuggle, who was at the club with Parker, attacked him armed with a handgun.

Witnesses told police they saw Neal and Tuggle in a confrontation outside the club and heard multiple gunshots, but could not determine who fired first. Police said shell casings from two different weapons were found at the scene.

Tuggle was shot in the leg, while Parker was shot in the abdomen and taken to a hospital in extremely critical condition.

Parker works with a number of anti-gun violence organizations in town.

She’s a member of “Ride of Tears.”

They use mock funeral processions as a symbol that gun violence can lead to someone’s final ride.

They did one in July and now, they’re doing one for Parker, who is still alive.

Stevie Moore supports “Ride of Tears” and runs his own anti-gun violence organization.

He says Parker films his events.

“It’s an energetic young lady that’s trying so hard to be a part of something positive, save our community,” Moore says.

He’s confident she’ll pull through and says he needs her back.

“I am convinced that she will shoot another film for me as soon as she’s out and able to hold that camera and point it at me and what I’m doing,” Moore says.

He says what happened to her is another argument for stricter gun control.

“A lot of people say guns don’t kill, people kill. That’s true, but if they didn’t have no gun they’d have to kill ’em with ink pen, a ball bat. They couldn’t just take a life that easy,” Moore says.

A family friend says Parker had a major operation Monday and was doing a little better.

No date for that ride has been set.