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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this one single ultrasound image showing Faithlynn Hannah before she was born speaks volumes about her amazing story of survival.

“Well, it’s a picture of me in my mama’s tummy,” Faithlynn Hannah.

At 28 weeks pregnant, doctors diagnosed Faithlynn’s mother, Ashley Hannah, with Polyhydramnios.

“I was only 28 weeks, but I didn’t feel very good, and I couldn’t feel her moving very much and when I got back I went to my doctor’s appointment and I told her I couldn’t feel the baby moving at all,” Ashley Hannah said.

Polyhydramnios is an excessive accumulation of amniotic fluid or the fluid that surrounds the baby in the uterus during pregnancy.

“I got sent to a specialist, and there they said the baby has a mass on her kidney and this is what’s causing all the fluids,” Ashley said.

Ashley was put on bed rest. About a week later, Faithlynn was born.

“She only weighed three pounds. She was 29 weeks,” Ashley said.

Faithlyn was tiny, but this baby girl also had a large mass about the size of a tennis ball. Her dad, Joshua, admits they were worried.

“Scared and terrified actually. She was our first baby and you don’t want any of your children not to have any drawbacks even from the beginning,” Joshua said.

An MRI found that the mass or tumor would have to be removed and right away.

The Hannah’s knew the best hospital for their little girl was Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital in Memphis.

“We pushed very hard to make sure she got to Le Bonheur fast,” Joshua said.

The Hannah’s were already familiar with at least one of Faithlynn’s doctors.

“Actually, the neonatologist that she had was Dr. Ferguson. He was the same one that he (Joshua) had when he was a baby. He was born premature,” Ashley said.

Faithlynn would have to have a left nephrectomy or the removal of her kidney.

Ashley and Joshua said it was life or death decision.

“They basically said we either do it or we won’t. It was the best option at the time. It was our only option,” Joshua said.

“She was so tiny at three pounds. To cut her open and take out her kidney, it was very scary,” Ashley said.

The Hannah’s turned to their faith and their friends the day of Faithlynn’s surgery.

“We definitely did a lot of praying. It was one of those situations where you think this could happen to us,” Joshua said.

The surgery lasted hours, but it was a success. Faithlynn’s dad said the work done at Le Bonheur was a miracle.

“They saved my little girl’s life. I could never repay them for saving my little girl’s life because she changes my life every day,” Joshua said.

Faithlynn now leads a normal life, and like other kids her age, this seven-year-old enjoys playing with her brother and sister, showing off her new bedroom and talking about what she loves about her life.

“I like learning because it’s fun and swimming is fun because you get to have friends over,” Faithlynn said.

Faithlynn Hannah has had an incredible journey that went from an ultrasound image to these images of a little girl who is now the picture of health all because of the doctors, nurses and staff at Le Bonheur.

“We are very, very blessed. Many things could have happened. She could have not made it during the surgery, but everything worked out,” Ashley said.

Le Bonheur is a special hospital that never lost faith in Faithlynn.

“Thank you, Le Bonheur,” Faithlynn said.