Memphis Officer Promotes Violent Lifestyle in Music Video

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(Memphis) She’s not accused of doing anything illegal, but the violent lifestyle a Memphis police officer is promoting, is raising some eyebrows.

A recent rap music video posted on YouTube prompted the Memphis Police Department to conduct an administrative investigation on the officer.

She can be seen throwing cash and shouting, ‘If they don’t give me my money, I’ll *expletive* them up.”

Aspiring rapper, Quolove, as she’s known in the video, is also known as  Memphis Police Officer Candyance Davis.

She has been employed with the Memphis Police Department since 2003 and currently works out of the Mount Moriah Precinct.

Her video promoting violence is not sitting well with many Memphians.

Niecy Jordan calls it alarming, “They supposed to protect you and live a different lifestyle. If you want to be police, why be a rapper?

“As a police lady, she wants people to look up to her to not be afraid of her.  Especially when they make a call to know somebody is coming to their house with integrity,” said Drexel Milton.

Davis’ family insists she does have integrity.

One man wouldn’t tell News Channel  his name but said he is the 31-year-old officer’s brother.

“When she go to work, she is respectable. She does her job and she does it well,” said Davis’ brother.

Davis’ sister says she only raps while off duty, and doesn’t live the lifestyle she claims in  the YouTube music video.

“She’s not in no gang or nothing.  She’s just trying to make a dollar. She’s not that person,” said Davis’ sister, Kim Smith.

Many feel as an officer sworn to serve the city, she should be mindful of the message she is spreading.

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