Memphis mother, son help save man from burning car after fiery crash

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis mother, her 12-year-old son and a Memphis police officer worked together to save a man from a burning car after a fiery crash.

Latoya Davidson, her 12-year-old son and her 15-year-old daughter became first responders early Monday morning. 

Davidson was driving near Knight Arnold Road when she heard a loud noise. It was raining, so she thought maybe it was thunder from the storm.  

But within seconds, she realized it was much worse.

She saw a car on fire, then she pulled over to see what was happening.

“The man was hollering, ‘Help me, please help me,'” Davidson said.

She ran to get her son to help her out at the same time as a police officer showed up.

“By the time I made it back to her, she had the door open, and we was pulling him,” Davidson said. “We started dragging him to get him out the car.”

Thankfully, the man is safe. Davidson said compassion is part of who she is as a home health care giver, and it’s also something she works to instill in her children. 

Davidson said since the crash and the rescue had been posted on social media, she’s been able to get in contact with the man she helped. 

“I hear from several people, cousins, thanking us for helping to save his life,” Davidson said. “I just stood out on faith and just helped him because if I was in his situation, I would want somebody to help me and my kids.”

Despite this time of social distancing, Davidson didn’t hesitate to help, and she hopes her case serves as a lesson for others.

“Try to help somebody if you can because you want somebody to help you,” she said.

Davidson said the fire started after a two-car crash, and she thinks the man she helped will be OK, but his leg appeared to be pretty badly injured.

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