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(Memphis) A Memphis minister is accused of spreading more than the gospel.

One woman is accusing him of infecting her with HIV, and she doesn’t believe she’s the only victim.

“The reason I’m going to court and trying to get other women to come forward with this is because they need to know,” said the victim.

We agreed to conceal the woman’s identity. You’ll only see her shadow.

What she wants you to do is hear her voice.

It is her warning to other women.

“I went to the doctor for a check up and they asked if you want to be HIV tested and I said sure why not. 2010, that’s when I found out,” she said.

She found out she was HIV positive and is fighting to bring the man she believes knowingly infected her to justice.

She claims a Memphis preacher, Minister Rodney Carr, is spreading the virus that leads to AIDS.

He’s now charged with Criminal Exposure to HIV.

The On Your Side Investigators confronted Carr in court.

We asked him if he was still a minister.

He said he was, but did not want to answer many of our other questions.

Medical records reveal Carr tested positive for HIV in 2005.

Police say he admitted to the crime, but in court, his story changed.

We asked the victim if she could have contracted HIV from someone else besides Carr.

She said, “No, I’ve only been with my husband and him.”

The woman said her husband is not HIV positive, so she’s sure the minister she confided in and eventually became romantic with, gave her the virus.

She said, “He’s an ordained minister but if you’re a minister you’re not going to lie about that.”

She added, “You just want to trust them because they are supposedly God’s people.”

Carr is no longer affiliated with the Fellowship of Believers in Christ Church where he was once an assistant minister.

Senior Pastor Joseph Jackson said Carr left on his own and he knows of no other members who have come forward to say they are victims.

Jackson said, “It is our responsibility through our faith to make sure we care for both parties regardless of which end they’re on, but our faith clearly teaches us there is right and wrong.”

Jackson is letting the courts decide.

Reporter Stephanie Scurlock asked Carr if he was indeed HIV positive, and he replied he’d rather not answer the question.

When asked if he knowingly spread the virus, he said no.

No other women have come forward saying Carr exposed them to the virus, so he’s hoping a jury will clear his name.

Each person that is diagnosed as HIV positive is made aware they must divulge information about their status to sexual partners.

A guilty sentence could mean two years in prison and up to a $500 fine.