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(Memphis) They say it’s a day about people.

“It’s kind of a poor people’s march,” said Shelia Williams with the Memphis Bus Riders Union.

Occupy Organizers across the country called for people to skip work, skip shopping and protest on May 1st.

The idea was to show what life would be like without the 99 percent, the people who aren’t considered rich.

“We want people to know that a better world is possible,” said Adam Adkins with Occupy Memphis,

In Memphis, Occupiers joined with other groups to make May Day, International Workers Day, a day of change.

For Williams, it’s about improving our local bus system that often serves the poor, “It’s a huge issue,” she said.  “People can’t get back and forth to work.  People are losing jobs. People don’t have job opportunities because the busses don’t run in certain areas.”

Others marched to raise awareness about homelessness and ask the City not to treat it like a crime.

“Pulling the emergency brake to say it’s time to have a serious conversation,” said Adkins.

He said it’s about coming up with solutions to lessen disparity and poverty.

Protesters offered some ideas at the end of their march in front of City Hall.

They called it a City Council Meeting for the people.

“We don’t have the answers,” said Adkins. “We believe the answers come when we communicate together and work together.”