Memphis man’s date turns into robbery setup

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — One man thought he was going on a date, but instead he became the victim of a robbery.

The man accused in the scheme is still in jail. Police said he targeted the man who thought he was out on date.

Through the pouring rain, yellow tape outside an Orange Mound liquor store off Park Avenue was the evidence left behind of a violent night.

A 43-year-old man told police he picked up Kelvinisha McWright for a date Sunday night.

The two stopped at the liquor store, but it was closed. The unsuspecting man quickly learned the stop wasn't about getting a drink; it was a setup. 

As the victim started to pull away, another man, now identified as Chrishun Woods, came up to the car holding a gun.

The man tried to get away but said McWright, who he knew as "Nesha," grabbed the steering wheel and sent the car crashing into the barriers outside the building. In the process, the car also hit Woods.

In the chaos, the victim said McWright was then able to get Woods' gun, hold him at gunpoint and take his wallet, which contained various cards and cash, and two cell phones.

Though his car was damaged, the victim was able to run and get help while Woods and McWright drove off in a getaway car.

A few days later, police tried tracking down Woods and McWright at a spot off Race Road in South Memphis.

McWright was arrested, but Woods was able to get away.

But officers weren't giving up. A little later in the day, they found Woods at a home in Orange Mound, where he was finally arrested.

Woods' bond is $100,000. McWright's bond has not yet been set.


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