Memphis man shot in face says argument was over $10-20

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis man is considering himself lucky as he's recovering from being shot in the face.

The gunshot survivor didn't feel comfortable using his name or fully showing his face, but he wanted to share his story.

"I got shot twice," he said. "A bullet grazed my head, and a bullet went through my nose, yes ma'am."

He said it all started in a Hickory Hill neighborhood at Apple Blossom Drive and Clarke Road. Children there play in the street, and Christmas decorations are up.

He was with another friend when they saw Radricus Stone, who became angry, saying the friend owed him money and threatening to shoot him.

Radricus Stone

The victim and his friend then got in a car to leave.

"So as we're leaving, all I hear is, 'feew, shoo, pow, pow, pow, pow.' Shots fired," he said. "Next thing you know, I felt one. I'm like, dang, then I felt another one come so fast, hit me in the nose, boom!"

Not only was he hit in the face, another bullet flew into a nearby home, and video shows where one whizzed past children's toys and hit a wall. A family was inside at the time, including a 9-month-old baby. Thankfully, no one there was physically hurt.

The victim also said the shooting was all over only $10-20.

The victim said he was stunned by the shooting. He doesn't think he was the intentional target.

A CrimeStoppers tip helped police arrest Stone.

As for the man investigators say is his victim, he's a father with another baby on the way.

Looking ahead, he said he's making changes to who he surrounds himself with.

Stone has already been in trouble earlier this year for being a convicted felon having a handgun.


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