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(Memphis) Latoya Shields says she had to sit down when she heard the news, “During the whole relationship, I only knew of four children.”

When a prosecutor told her that the father of her child had 20 other children she said her knees buckled, “At that time, three years ago, my child was the 21st child. Yeah, that would be overwhelming for anybody.”

She says after spending almost 8 years with Terry Turnage, she had no idea what he what he had been up to.

WREG tried to find out by going to Shelby County Juvenile Court.

Turnage had filed a petition there to lower his child support payments for 15 different women.

Turnage never showed up to the hearing.

Shields says Turnage hasn’t really shown up in his daughter’s life, “She calls him and it`s a ‘hi’ and ‘bye’, ‘see you later’ type of situation.”

Sheilds says Turnage doesnt typically pay child support either, but when he has, the monthly checks have been $6 to $9.

The money is likely split among all 15 women.

Regardless of all the money owed, Shields says it comes down to a daughter who just wants a relationship with her dad.

Shields says Turnage has been court-ordered to pay her $259 a month in child support, but she has yet to see that kind of money. 

WREG tried to track down Turnage with no luck.

One of his family members says he didn’t show up to court because he is in the hospital.

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