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(Memphis)  A man charged with murder walked free less than a year after his arrest. 

Ryan Nelson was freed Monday because of a lack of evidence.

A Shelby County judge gave Nelson three years probation.

He’ll also have to pay a fine just over assault $6,000 on aggravated assault charges.

The family of the man Nelson was accused of murdering says, this isn’t right.

Dennis Gilliam`s family walked out of a Shelby County courtroom Monday, feeling defeated and angry.

“We have been punished, justice wasn’t served,” said Anthony Gilliam, Dennis Gilliam’s brother.

These feeling`s come after prosecutors dropped murder charges against Ryan Nelson for shooting Dennis Gilliam to death last year.

Gilliam`s family is adamant they know what happened.

“They shot him two times in the head while he was asleep, he was assassinated,” said Gilliam.

Nelson and Gilliam knew each other.

The once accused murderer was dating Gilliam’s step daughter. 

Gilliam’s family says, he was found dead in his own bed after a fight and he refused to leave.  

“He thought he met a family that loved him, but he was wrong,” said Mattie Williams, Gilliam’s mother.

Williams has gone through a lot since her son’s death.

She believes the story isn’t over, “God is the judge. He is the lawyer and prosecutor they going to get what they deserve.”

In the meantime, she says she’ll ask God for strength and has a special message for Nelson.

“I’m going to pray for him. That whole family needs prayer.  They need some God in their lives,” said Williams.

According to Shelby County prosecutors, even though charges have been dropped for now, that does not mean Nelson or someone else won’t face murder charges in the future.