Memphis man facing 13 drug trafficking charges

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A man is facing 13 different charges in connection to a drug trafficking operation, and police had been trying to chase him down for weeks.

Tevias Jackson, 23, faces a long list of charges after almost a month on the run from police. Authorities said they found a gun, numerous drugs and cash with Jackson, but he is only part of a 30-person bust.

Police found Jackson and his girlfriend Terinie Mims as they were entering a car Monday, and Jackson threw a backpack into the car. When confronted, police said Jackson “adamantly claimed ownership” of the backpack, which contained a loaded handgun, 85 grams of marijuana and 38 oxycodone pills.

In all, Jackson faces 13 charges, while Mims is looking at five felonies.

The Shelby County District Attorney’s Office confirmed the arrests of Jackson and Mims are part of a 30-person bust earlier this month, where they claimed everyone involved was a mid-to-high level dealer of drugs, including fentanyl and heroin. The Memphis Area Prevention Coalition said fentanyl has taken over the title as the deadliest drug available.

“Fentanyl is driving the uptick in fatal overdoses right now,” Josh Weil, overdose protection specialist, said. “Virtually all the fatal overdoses we have in Memphis involve fentanyl.”

While the affidavit only confirms marijuana and oxycodone as the drugs found on the scene, that doesn’t mean fentanyl wasn’t present.

“The problem with it is, it’s being used in other drugs to cause business to come back quicker,” Weil said. “People get addicted to it.”

Jackson and the rest of the group arrested in the bust will get their day in court, but for now, Jackson’s bond is set at $655,000.

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