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(Memphis) A 39-year-old man was charged in a criminal complaint with threatening the life of President Barack Obama.

Investigators heard Darrin Young (aka Darrin Fleming) make the threats while speaking on the phone with Shelby County inmate Tabitha Gentry.

During their conversation, Young is allegedly heard saying they’re going to “burn,” “kill” and “murk” (street slang for murder) the president. He is then heard saying, “We gonna f– his a– up.”

Young remains in custody while he waits for his first court appearance.

Gentry has been incarcerated since March of this year on charges of theft of property more than $250,000 and assaulting two police officers.

Young was with Gentry when police pulled them over in 2012. They told police they did not need IDs. Young eventually provided identification, but police said Gentry became disorderly and was arrested.

Gentry was the woman who claimed to be a sovereign citizen while squatting in an East Memphis home earlier this year.

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