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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Police say a man removed the push bar from a door and used it to break windows in a Burger King on Union Avenue after accusing employees of taking his debit card.

Anthony Alsobrook was arrested Thursday after police say he became destructive and threatened employees on Thursday.

Police said Alsobrook bought food at the restaurant in the 1000 block of Union Avenue. He paid with cash and then left.

Sometime later, Alsobrook reportedly returned to the business and began accusing employees of keeping his debit card.

He became so angry when they told him he paid in cash that he removed the push bar from a door and used it to break windows inside the business. The business was closed on Friday, and the windows and doors boarded up.

He then reportedly pulled out a pocket knife and threatened the employees.

Police later located Alsobrook nearby and said he had drugs in his possession at the time.

Alsobrook was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, vandalism and possession of marijuana.

We were told no employees were injured.

Jose Garcia works near downtown and usually stops at this Burger King for a quick lunch.

“I saw the boards on the windows, and I was like, ‘but the sign that says it’s opened.’ So, I’m like, what?  ‘is it opened or not?’” Garcia said.

He says what happened here just doesn’t make any sense.

“Especially in these days, you know, when we’re dealing with all this COVID-19,” Garcia said. “We got to try to be together. Work together, you know.”

Burger King told authorities the cost of replacing all the windows would be around $35,000.

Anthony Alsobrook