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MEMPHIS, Tenn. —A Memphis man was charged after a mail carrier says he threatened him with a gun.

On Thursday, officers received a call from the Tunica Avenue United States Postal Office who stated postal inspectors had detained a man for an incident on Greenview Circle.

Byron Strong is upset to hear what happened.

“He’s personable. He is willing to do a job that very few people have to do,” Strong said.

To the postman on Greenview Circle Thursday afternoon.

“The postal worker says he was just on his normal route when a man walked up to him holding a gun,” Strong said.

Police say that armed man was Christopher Hathaway and he claimed the postman stole part of his package.

Somehow the postal worker got away safely and raced back to the post office on tunica street.

“The fact that there are so many postmen who can drive up to their truck. He’s out here doing a walking job. He’s at risk,” Strong said.

Police later arrested Hathaway on an aggravated assault charge.

“From what I heard it was right in front of my house,” Strong said.

Kenyada Norfolk says she’s never had issues with her postman or her mail.

“Never had any problems with my package. Very sad post office workers have to go through that,” Norfolk said.

Whether there were issues with the mail or not strong says that’s not the way to handle it.

“I’m very sorry it took place. With a postman, you just have to be timely and efficient, but I happen to know him and know he’s a personable guy,” Norfolk said.