Memphis man accused of stealing $356k from mother


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Money saved by an elderly woman and her husband from a lifetime of working is gone within a few years, and the man police say is responsible is her own son.

“She said her son has been spending her money,” explained Ella Whittie-Walker, the woman’s friend and tax preparer.

She said it all began when the victim asked her to oversee her SunTrust bank account. When the money started disappearing, she moved things to Regions, sounding the alarm.

“I changed that bank account and got another, but he took her back and changed it again,” she said.

In March, Whittie-Walker reported abuse, neglect and financial exploitation to the Tennessee Department of Human Services after noticing the missing money. It was soon discovered that more than $356,000 had been taken from the account from December 2018 to January 2020.

Authorities said the person responsible is the victim’s son, Corey Baker. Police said he took out a line of credit for $100,000. He allegedly lived off the victim’s money and bought a 2019 Dodge Challenger with some of it.

Baker’s ex-wife also allegedly helped herself to the money, taking a hefty amount for a weight-loss makeover.

“The lady is slim, she has long hair, she looks totally different. She said that’s what money will do for you,” Whittie-Walker said.

She said her friend beat breast cancer but wasn’t able to stop her only child from what she called the “disease of greed.”

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