Memphis man accused of shooting victim after being caught vandalizing vehicle


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis man is giving thanks he’s alive after a shootout in his backyard, and the man accused of shooting him is charged with attempted murder.

On May 4, Damon Drew told police he was inside his home when he heard something outside his home on South Fenwick near Memphis Country Club.

That’s when he discovered a man he identified as Robert Marshall Jones, 28, vandalizing the tires of his 2004 Ford Expedition. There was also damage to another vehicle in the driveway.

Drew stated he confronted Jones, who allegedly pulled out a gun and started shooting. The victim was struck in the stomach, but he told police he was able to fire his own weapon in self-defense, prompting Jones to run away.

Jones was arrested on Wednesday and charged with attempted second-degree murder, possession of a firearm and vandalism.

Drew is still in pain and still in the hospital recovering.

“The doctor said the bullet went through like where my kidneys are but it didn’t hit no vital organs,” he said.

Drew said the drama initially started earlier this week, on Sunday, when several cars at his home off South Fenwick were vandalized. Fast forward to late Wednesday night, when Drew heard a noise outside his home. 

“I heard some footsteps outside. Ever since it happened on Sunday, I’ve always been on edge and I kinda been paranoid,” he said. “I went outside with my gun, legally owned.”

He heard a noise, it sounded like air coming from a tire. Then he noticed a man, who police identify as Jones, dressed in all black standing by his SUV. 

“I’m beating on my window trying to let my roommates know, ‘Hey call the police! Call the police!’ Because really I didn’t think he had a gun so I was just going to try and hold him while the police got here.”

But unfortunately Drew thought wrong. Seconds later, he says Jones shot at him, the bullet hitting him in the abdomen.

“Once that happened I just started shooting in his direction as like cover fire to get back in the house,” he said.

Bullet holes show where the two men exchanged gunfire. The side of Drews home shows where it was struck at least seven times. His SUV was hit multiple times too.

Police say Jones ran away and detectives later arrested him.

Drew said he doesn’t know Jones well but believes he was angry at him over his relationship with a woman.  

Looking forward, the 24-year-old has a new focus. 

“I’m really grateful,” he said. “I just got a new vision, a new perspective on life and I plan on living the rest of my days with that gratefulness that life is not guaranteed so you need to make sure you do the right things.”

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