Memphis installing cameras at 15 school zones in city

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — If you speed through a school zone in Memphis, you could be caught on camera and face a fine.

The city of Memphis announced Tuesday that 15 cameras will be installed near school zones to catch speeding drivers. The locations were selected based on accident history and driver speed.

It’s something parents at Idlewild Elementary say they deal with every day.

“When we walk to school we have to come across Union so it’s always a concern,” parent Erica Edwards said. “If people aren’t paying attention and fly past the speed zone right there as we turn to come in Idlewild.”

The cameras will turn on 30 minutes before school starts and 15 minutes after it begins. Then, they’ll turn on 15 minutes prior to school closing time and turn off 30 minutes after.

Violators will be fined $50, with a $45 late payment fee.

The cost to the city is $3.37 million over five years, according to a contract with vendor Conduent.

A list of camera locations is below.

  • Union Avenue – Rembert to Morrison School Zone
  • Whitney Avenue – Mountain Terrace to Wingate School Zone
  • Tillman Street – McAdoo to Tillman Cove School Zone
  • Kirby Parkway – Raines Rd to Birchwalk School Zone
  • Stratford Road – Bowen to Marcel School Zone
  • East Holmes Road – Tulane to Elvis Presley Blvd School Zone
  • Perkins Road – Wooddale to Scottsdale School Zone and Reverse Curve
  • North White Station Road – Normandy to Heatherway School Zone
  • Getwell Road – Mallory to Elliston School Zone
  • New Allen Road – Hawkins Mill Rd to Prince of Peace Church Reverse Curve
  • Tchulahoma Road – Shannon Circle to 400 ft South of Christine Reverse Curve
  • McLean Boulevard – Forrest to Faxon School Zone
  • Quince Road – Sulgrave to Solway School Zone
  • Perkins Road – 100 ft South of Chip to 100 ft North of Perkins Cove Reverse Curve
  • Knight Arnold Road – 600 ft East of Mendenhall to 200 ft East of Spencer Reverse Curve

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