Memphis in May prepared following TSA warning of ramming attacks in U.S.

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. --The Transportation Security Administration issued a new security alert and it comes at a concerning time. The report was obtained by CBS News and warns about trucks being stolen and driven into large crowds. This all being announced just before a major event in our area, Memphis in May.

Trucks turned into dangerous weapons plowing into massive crowds around the world killing hundreds.

"It’s not a concern we’ve made it a concern for us we have limited access as far as road restrictions police will be in place we are well aware of those threats too," said Memphis in May marketing director Robert Griffin.

Memphis is May coordinators say they have a plan to prevent ramming attacks, but they don’t want to reveal all the details.

"This is our 41st Beale street music festival after this many years we’ve become experienced in handling any kind of security situation," added Griffin.

The Transportation Security Administration issued an alert warning of attacks involving the ramming of cars into crowds, worldwide we’ve watched the devastation it has caused. Like last July when nearly 100 people were killed in France.

"There’s no specific threats to our area what we do is stay in a constant state of vigilance," said Dale Lane with Shelby County office of Emergency Preparedness.

He says by shutting down Riverside Drive, putting officers at various checkpoints and monitoring the perimeter the threat for a deadly ramming attack is limited. Leaving concert goers with nothing to fear.

"Not being afraid but understanding that there are people that are people who could harm us we are in a free and open society so it makes us more vulnerable," added Griffin.

Just to be safe they aren’t taking the TSA’s warning lightly.

"What we do is study those attacks see the tactics were used then put in countermeasure," added Griffin.

WREG reached out to Memphis police and they tell us they will be using Jersey barriers, and there will be various traffic control points all off in hopes of keeping a close eye on suspicious activity.

TSA defines vehicle ramming as a form of attack in which a perpetrator purposely aims a motor vehicle at a target with the intent to cause injury or property damage.

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