Memphis in May BBQ winners announced

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. —  The Memphis in May World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest announced the winners of the Ancillary Cooking Competitions Friday, and the Mid-South should be proud.

Fourteen of the twenty-four teams who placed in the top 3 in each category were from Arkansas, Tennessee or Mississippi.

Natural Born Grillers from Southaven, P-Funk & The Fatback All-Stars from Cordova, and Party Q from Batesville, Arkansas took the top prize in their category.

Each of those teams took home a cool $1,000, except for Party Q, who walked away with $1,300.

Congratulations to all of the teams who placed.


Anything But (Exotic)

First Place                   $1,000             Natural Born Grillers                                        Southaven, Mississippi

Second Place                 $500             Ribiculous Bar-B-Krewe                                 Astonia, New York

Third Place                     $250             Norwegian National Barbecue Team      Stavanger, Norway


Anything But (Beef)

First Place                   $1,000           Meat Mitch                                                               Mission Hills, Kansas

Second Place                 $500           Big Al and The Buttrubbers                            Sherwood, Arkansas

Third Place                     $250           Smoke A Little Smoke                                         Collierville, Tennessee


Anything But (Seafood)

First Place                   $1,000           Sugarfire Smokehouse                                      Olivette, Missouri

Second Place                 $500           The Beef N’ the Chicken                                   Memphis, Tennessee

Third Place                     $250           Pure Pleasure Porkers                                      Memphis, Tennessee


Anything But (Poultry)

First Place                   $1,000           Salty Rinse BBQ                                                   New York, New York

Second Place                 $500           Too Sauced To Pork                                           Grand Island, New York

Third Place                     $250           Bubba Grills                                                           Haddock, Georgia


Cattlemen’s Best Sauce (Tomato)

First Place                   $1,000           P-Funk & The Fatback All-Stars                Cordova, Tennessee

Second Place                 $500           Pork ‘O’ Saurus                                                    Cordova, Tennessee

Third Place                     $300           BBQ Team                                                              Memphis, Tennessee


Cattlemen’s Best Sauce (Vinegar)

First Place                   $1,000           P-Funk & The Fatback All-Stars               Cordova, Tennessee

Second Place                 $500           Pig Diamonds                                                      Germantown, Tennessee

Third Place                     $300           SlapJo Mama BBQ Hog Cooking Team Madison, Mississippi


French’s Mustard Best Mustard Sauce

First Place                   $1,000           The Bastey Boys                                              Middleboro, Massachusetts

Second Place                $500            Auto Be Grillin’                                                 Memphis, Tennessee

Third Place                     $300           Serial Grillers                                                     Memphis, Tennessee


Frank’s Red Hot – Hot Wings

First Place                   $1,300           Party Q                                                                 Batesville, Arkansas

Second Place                $800            Bare Bones BBQ                                             Vershire, Vermont

Third Place                    $400            Cackle & Oink BBQ                                       Sherman, Texas


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