Memphis honors and celebrates Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — People from all over gathered and reflected on what this day means to them to honor and celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

As many observe Dr. King’s legacy, it comes at a time when many say the country could not be more divided. It’s why many wanted to use this day to unite.

The doors of the National Civil Rights Museum were closed Monday due to COVID-19, but the hearts of people who traveled from near and far are open to the message of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. On a day we honor his life, legacy and mission of equality.

“The nation is divided right now, and his whole goal was to bring mankind together,” Faith Morris of the National Civil Rights Museum, said.

Unity especially needed during a time where people are struggling through a pandemic, social and racial injustices, and political division.

“No matter what happens on the State Capitol make today a peaceful day, always trust in God and love one another,” Kitty Clark and James Wall, of Memphis, said.

It is a message parents try to share with children struggling to make sense of what they see happening around them.

“I don’t understand this and I just wish people could be loving toward one another and not be mean towards them just by their skin,” Malia Myers, an 11-years-old, said.

Myers says she is inspired by King’s leagcy.

“He marched for people’s rights, African Americans’ rights and he wanted them to be equal,” Myers said.

King felt the same way preaching love until his last breath. It’s a sentiment others hope is revived today and every day after.

“Only love can conquer hate that would be my message to everyone. Love everyone. Love thy neighbor. That’s what we need in 2021 is more love,” Eric Crutcher, of the Grind City Cycling Club, said.

Ebony Jackson, who is visiting from Missouri, said, “We need to remember the importance of being united, being one.”

The Civil Rights Museums says it’s also important to recognize Coretta Scott King who was instrumental in making sure this day became a national holiday.

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