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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Memphis Fire Department has released more information about the mulch fire that happened at Yardworks in the 4900 block of Hickory Hill Road Tuesday morning. When they arrived, the found that several piles of mulch had caught fire and continued to burn throughout the day. As of 6 p.m., fire crews were still extinguishing spot fires. The Fire Department said it don’t know what caused the fire but did say mulch can be flammable in extreme heat. When it becomes too dry, the department said, heat can build until a fire ignites from spontaneous combustion. Here’s what you can do to reduce a fire risk at your own home:
  • Keep landscaped mulch beds moist especially in extreme heat.
  • Provide a minimum of 18 inches between mulch and all combustible building materials.
  • Provide noncombustible receptacles for smoking materials at all building entrances and designated smoking areas.
  • Consider replacing mulch with decorative stones or gravel.
  • Spread mulch in thin layers. Mulch that is spread too thick also increases the fire risk.
  • Look for areas that are steaming or producing gray ask. Soak thoroughly with water.