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(Memphis) According to Memphis Fire Director Alvin Benson, 75% of the services MFD provides are emergency medical. And that percentage could grow with an aging population.

That’s part of the reason Memphis Fire made the move to be the first major city to have the Lucas Device in all of its ambulances.

The Lucas Device provides uninterrupted chest compressions during CPR which can be labor intensive and tiring for emergency medical technicians. Memphis is the first large city to equip all ambulances with the Lucas Device.

Also by the end of this week, each ambulance will have KingVision video laryngoscopes. The intubation device has a camera on the end and will help EMTs locate a patient’s windpipe to open the airway faster.

“Just say there is a bad accident and there has been some damage to the airway or damage to the throat area or a person is in a compromised position. We can just easily intubate a person. Sometimes it’s complicated. A person may be in an accident and we can’t get them out or they have damage of some type. This allows us to use video technology to get it right every single time,” said Director Benson.