Memphis family looking for new home as apartment issues continue


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — It’s a story we’ve been tracking for months.

A Memphis family was forced out of their home, as they continue to deal with water and waste flowing out of their ceilings and walls. And they said still their apartment complex fails to fix the problem.

It’s two months after the original issues but the same, awful problems remain for Shandreka Adams and her family at the Creekside Meadows Apartments. Water and waste has been leaking out of her ceiling and walls on and off for months and apartment management has finally agreed to let her out of her lease.

“I’m frustrated, and I’m really tired! I don’t know what else to do really. This is really tiring,” Adams said. “I feel like I have to leave! Because I can’t get comfortable there.”

But it’s not that easy for Shandreka and her kids to get up and move. It’s a problem that many Memphians are struggling through: terrible living conditions, and not enough money or resources to relocate.

““Even pre-COVID there were a lot of people that had to live with whatever they could manage to pay for,” said Cindy Ettingoff, Chief Executive Officer Memphis Legal Services.

Shandreka is doing all she can. She’s started a GoFundMe and has been getting help from family and friends.

We have reached out to Creekside Meadows numerous times about Shandreka’s issues, and they kicked us out of their complex when we showed up in-person.

Luckily, Shandreka’s been capturing every awful incident, along with her interactions with management, which is something legal experts recommend.

“Once the problem arises, it’s all about building your proof,” Ettingoff said.

She’s desperate to find a new home she can feel comfortable in for herself, and her children.

“For my kids! So we can be comfortable. I can fix my place up and invite my people over. I don’t want to have to go over to other people’s houses or have an incident where I have to leave my home,” Adams said.

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