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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Tax season is here, and many of you are looking for free services.

Right now there’s plenty of help out there for low- to middle-income families starting January 18.

The Binghampton Development Corporation is one of four locations assisting low-income families during tax season, and it’s also one of the busiest sites.

More than 400 tax returns were filed at the Binghampton site last year. This year will be a busy time, too.

Tax preparers are offering free services for Memphis families who can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars to get their taxes prepared.

“That’s great to know that service is out there for you because I always have always paid mine,” said Donier Doty.

Doty, who’s struggling to make ends meet, spends about $100 getting her taxes prepared every year.

“If I could have found somebody to do mine at that time free I would have did it because I don’t make that much money,” she said.

Free help is out there. Impact America is teaming up with local college students in Memphis who are IRS certified to prepare your taxes for free.

You must meet this requirement:

“So those are open up to anyone who made up to $52,000, if they had children in the homes and $20,000 if they had no children in the home,” said Cat Monaco, the state director of Impact America.

This preparation service targets families eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit or EITC. Tax preparers say 60 percent of EITC recipients in Memphis pay on average about $300 to take advantage of this benefit.

“So they’re supposed to be getting maybe $3,000 of their earned income tax credit, but after they pay these preparers they may only be getting back $2,500, so we want to make sure everyone gets their full refund that they rightfully deserve,” said Monaco.

Doty plans to take advantage of the service this time around.

“Yeah, I would go to the free services if I had to,” said Doty.

Streets Ministries, Ed Rice Community Center and Church Health Wellness Center are also offering the services starting January 18.

Call 1-844-TAXESTN to make an appointment.

It’s also recommended that you consider VITA sites such as the ones we just told you about.