Cars line up along Lamar as Memphis distributes bottled water to residents


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Cars lined up along Lamar Avenue to pick up free cases of water Sunday as hundreds of thousands of people remain under a boil water advisory.

Bottled water is hard to find on store shelves throughout the Mid-South, but the City of Memphis gathered tens of thousands of bottles to give out.

The fire station on Lamar Avenue was transformed into a water distribution site. One by one, cars drove up to be loaded up with cases of water.     

City of Memphis giving out thousands of bottles of water to residents

The city only allowed one case of water per car. It’s the only way to ensure as many of thee drivers that came to the site will get what they need to cope with the still lingering water problems.

“It’s paramount that we get water out to the citizens, as much as we can trying to get it into every area that we can,” said Colin Burress, of the Memphis Fire Department.

This is all taking place during a time where Memphis is under a boil water advisory and cases of water is become scarce. One Memphis-area resident, Ursula Houston, said she woke up early in the morning to find water, to no avail.

“I got up this morning at 5:30,” Houston said. “It’s important for people to know what we are going through.”

Houston said she is very grateful the city is stepping in to help its residents, at the same time, she is very concerned.

“A case of water in a 3- or 4-person household will probably last two days,” Houston said. “Thank You, Jesus, for the water that we do have, but my question is how can the city, how can we help our neighbors who need help?”

The city said they will distribute cases of water for those who are in need until supplies run out. In addition to thousands of bottles purchased by the city, we have learned CashSaver grocery generously donated 35-hundred bottles to help with the drive.

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