Memphis dealing with flooding after days of rain

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Two to four inches of rain is expected to hit Memphis between now and Saturday. Parts of the city are already flooding. Much of Mud Island’s Greenbelt Park, for example, has been taken over by the Mississippi River.

“It’s actually pretty cool to be honest,” Jalen Newson said. He, like a lot of people, had to come take a look.

“But it sucks that we can’t kind of go down and enjoy ourselves,” he said.

He lives off Kyle Street in South Memphis where he expects all this rain to flood his neighborhood.

“I’ve seen it flood pretty bad, plenty of times man,” he said.

He says the water never reaches his house but it gets close. “It’s kind of like if I came outside man and decided to take a swim I could just dive right off the porch.”

Newson spent most of the day preparing for that kind of flood.

“Try to do all my grocery shopping as fast as I can because I know it’ll be pretty full. I have to stock up. So, that way I don’t really have to come out.”

Brandi Nelson is stocked up on groceries too. She’s worried about driving over the next couple days.

“If there is a lot of water you never know how deep it is. So, you don’t try to go through it. I know that,” she said.

“I drive probably like 10 to 15 miles under the speed limit just to make sure, because, like I said man, we live in Memphis. People can’t drive in the rain in Memphis man,” Newson said.

City crews have been out clearing gutters and drains to prevent as much flooding as possible, but for many parts of Memphis, it’s probably going to be rough.

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