Memphis couple returns home after Las Vegas festival mass shooting


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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — "There's like machine guns going off everywhere."

A Memphis couple ran for their lives as shots rang out Sunday night during a country music concert at the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas.

"It was gunshots, hide — no gunshots, run."

Sarah Rasmussen said she and her husband Alex left Friday morning to celebrate his birthday.

"It was like pop, pop, pop, pop, pop."

Jason Aldean had been on stage for about 20 minutes when the first shots were fired.

"And it kept just going on and on and on, and we're thinking get these guys, somebody catch this guy please."

Alex says it seemed like there was no escape.

"We thought someone was in the venue shooting at we were just trying to get away from the venue. We didn't know somebody was in Mandalay Bay shooting down on top of the Strip."

They kept running until they eventually found a cab, which got them out of harms way. The Las Vegas airport had been shut down, so they eventually rented a car and headed for Phoenix.

"It was about 4 hours away. There was a flight out of there at like 8:30 so we just set our course for phoenix and got there."

Alex says there was no way security could've prepared for this evil attack.

"There's no way that could've been prevented with different security. The guy never came into the venue, and you guys have all checked into hotels, nobody is checking your bags."

The couple says they initially had reservations about leaving their kids and going to Vegas, but they never imagined things would turn deadly.

"The mass of bodies lying on top of reach other is something that I'll never forget," Alex said.

"I think for me, I close my eyes and I hear the bullets going off and you just worry what's in the back of you," said Sarah. "You just don't want to get hit, and it just brings you a chill."

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