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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Frayser man who has gained fame and fortune on social media gave away his own Lamborghini and a house over the weekend.

Comedian Mario Bradley, who goes by the name Grovehero held a drawing Sunday for the car he’s owned for less than a year and one of his rental properties in Frayser. The winner of the house gets to live in it rent-free for a year.

Bradley, who has allowed someone to live in one of his houses rent-free before, said he wanted to give hope to those struggling in the community.

Memphis comedian Grovehero gives back to his hometown after the success

Pictures courtesy of Mario Bradley

“So many people want to give up because there is no help,” said Bradley. “I’m here to tell you there is somebody who cares and who loves you, and I won’t sit back and watch you struggle.”

200 people entered the contest, and a large crowd gathered on Winchester to find out who had won.

Bradley posted video to his Instagram page announcing the winner of the Lamborghini. The car is valued at around $100,000.

Shasta posing with Bradley on her new Lamborghini

Bradley said another woman with kids got the keys to the house.

“I’m letting someone stay in one of my houses rent-free that I basically built from the ground up and put all my money in to see someone happy and see someone smile because there aren’t too many smiles going around in the world,” said Bradley

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Bradley, who grew up with a disability and in poverty in Memphis, used his self-deprecating humor to gain a large following online and the attention of celebrities. He now has close to 300,000 followers on Instagram.

He has hosted several events to help area youth and has even used his own food truck to feed them.

He told the woman who won the Lamborghini she should sell the car if she needs the money.