Memphis city council member Jeff Warren presents resolution to create citywide anti-violence task force


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — In efforts to make the city of Memphis safer, elected leaders, community activists and law enforcement are all working on ways to tackle violent crime.

Jeff Warren, a city council member, presented a resolution that would create a citywide anti-violence task force. He said the goal is to come up with a solution that will help combat the ongoing crime in Memphis.

“What we’re doing hasn’t worked,” Warren said. “So this is an idea to get everyone together and get a process that will work.”

Warren was asked by other members of the city council how the proposed anti-violence task force would differ from the goals and missions of the Memphis and Shelby County Crime Commision. Warren said the biggest difference is getting the community more involved.

“I think the difference is what this is really designed to do is to make sure we have a program that is bringing more community involvement into the picture,” Warren said.

Delvin Lane, of 901 Bloc Squad, said after speaking with Warren and hearing some of his ideas, he welcome the idea. Lane said he wishes the entire community would get involved.

Many agree that is the ultimate goal, and it comes at a time where Memphis Police announced a five week operation focused on reducing violent crime.

Lane said it will take everyone to stop and keep crime from taking over the streets.

“I think each initiative is just important as one is the other. We have to bring out everything we have available right now because we have kids 13 or 14 year-old riding around with military style rifles,” Lane said.

Warren said it is key to have the new police chief involved as well. He said it will take everyone coming together to combat the rising crime in Memphis.

Warren’s resolution will head to full council and then to the mayor’s office for input.
He said this process will take time to determine who will be involved and where the money will come from to implement it.

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