Memphis Business Academy hopes to uplift Frayser community with new campus

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Hoping to shape local education and revitalize a community, the Memphis Business Academy took a major step forward Tuesday.

There was no shortage of excitement as construction began on Frayser Boulevard for a $15 million, 56,000 square foot state-of-the-art campus.

“We realized that this was the perfect place for expansion,” COO Menthia P. Bradley said. “It goes along with us being a school that promotes business, entrepreneurship and community development. We saw this opportunity, and we jumped on it.”

In part, it’s the ambitious projects of Memphis Business Academy students that necessitated the move. Now, they’ll have more room, modern amenities and a campus to be proud of.

“Our students have already been building drones, they work with energy efficient materials, and so this is a place that we can expand our STEM work,” Bradley said. “We’ve got the higher ceilings where they can fly the drones. We’ve got the labs and the garage doors.”

“To walk through there and see their excitement, that they’re excited to be here, it just does my heart good,” CFO Nancy Reeves said. “I get so excited to see that. I think all of the admin team, that’s why we’re here.”

As much as students were dancing and singing in celebration, this new facility is also a big win for the area of Frayser. School officials are hoping that by investing $15 million in the North Memphis community, other leaders and businesses will follow suit, helping to rehab a proud area.

“We’re hoping that the whole community sees, that this is a place to be and comes in and builds up the Frayser community for our students and the Frayser community itself,” Reeves said.

“We’re going to put our part in and make this the corridor for Frayser — the hub,” Bradley said.

Memphis Business Academy officials hope to have the new campus open by fall 2021.

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