Memphis auto shop owner transforms business to make face shields for medical workers

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — As the number of coronavirus cases rise, so do concerns about making sure local health care workers have the personal protective equipment needed to stay safe.

In the Mid-South, they will be receiving help from an unlikely source, and one man transformed his business to make it happen.

“If you could just imagine that you were afraid to go to work because of the dangers involved, and someone shows up with a device that can help you survive” said Alan Lindgren, who owns a custom auto parts business. “Frankly, it’s a big difference.”

Things have changed for Lindgren due to coronavirus.

“It has grounded down to almost a halt,” he said.

His doors are closed to the public, but business is still going inside, just not for cars.

Lindgren is now using the materials to create face shields as many hospitals deal with shortages.

He already has equipment that allows him to produce the face shields faster than a larger corporation.

“I can start putting them in the hands of hospital workers today,” he said.

He’s donating them at no cost to be used with other protective gear. He’s teamed up with others in the industry to deliver 150 face shields, with more than double that number currently in production.

He said it’s a small way to support those saving lives while risking their own.

“Let’s say this stops one cough that might’ve infected someone that loses their life, then I don’t care how long I’ve worked, it was worth doing,” Lindgren said.

Lindgren said his goal is to make 1,000 face shields in the next week and distribute them to every major hospital in the city.

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