Memphis attorney looks to generate power in Black community by creating Black PAC


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Well-known Memphis attorney Ricky Wilkins is working to generate more power in the Black community by creating a Black Political Action Committee.

“I’m not proud as I sit here right now to say that Memphis, Tennessee, is my hometown when I know that it drains the life out of the masses of black folks in this city,” Wilkins said.

Wilkins points to poverty and crime in the African American community, saying there’s growing frustration and changes need to come to benefit everyone. 

He said the votes needed in current elected bodies aren’t there to benefit the majority of people in the city who are Black. 

“The current economic model that’s in place, where a few white men control the destiny of hundreds of thousands of Black men and women, is a recipe for disaster,” Wilkins said.

He’s now asking Black leaders running for office not to accept money from white businesspeople. 

“In fact, if you’ve already taken it, give it back, give it back. The Black PAC is going to replenish those financial coffers 100%,” Wilkins said.

He acknowledged that some will question the concept.

“This is about right and wrong, it ain’t black and white,” he said. “If we correct this issue of economic parody and the sharing of resources that are available in this community for everybody on a much more fair basis I promise you we’ll see a Memphis that will be much unlike the one that we live in today and one that we can be proud of.”

Wilkins says frustration of current affairs and the last 100 years of history helped him come up with the idea. He’s now gathering a broader coalition of people planning to come on board and join him.

He says he’s also using thousands of his own dollars and knows white people who will support him as well. 

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