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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — By her own admission, Cindy Marx-Sanders with the Humane Society wasn’t always a fan of the way Memphis Animal Services was run.

“I was a huge critic of the shelter.”

But on Monday, she’s changing her tune.

“This is first time I have ever seen positive change,” she said.

Staring Tuesday, the shelter said it will stop labeling animals by breed, opting instead to describe them by things like size and color.

“The ability to assess a true breed is flawed. We`re making best guesses. We`re looking at a chart on the wall and trying to guess,” said Alexis Pugh with the Memphis Animal Services.

Guesses the shelter said sometimes make it close to impossible for some animals to find good homes.

“We hear all the time from people, `I don`t want a pitbull. Don`t show me any pitbulls,” said Pugh.

The much smaller Collierville Animal Shelter also masked over all breed labels with tape a few days ago.

They said they have already seen big results.

“It`s really working well. We had a huge turnout,” said Nina Wingfield with the Collierville Animal Shelter.

Heather Sanders said she’s all for doing away with breed labels, but grew concerned when she heard MAS is also scrapping all background checks.

She said she would like to see those checks expanded.

“If every dog had to be background checked that would be great too `cause you have dog fighters who get the smaller dogs and use them as bait.”