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(Memphis) The director of Memphis Animal Services wants to set the record straight.

Animal advocates have been upset after they say a stray dog wasn’t given a chance.

They say they asked several times for one particular stray dog to not be put down but the interim director of Animal Services says that is not true.

“I just want to set the record straight,” said Rogers.

James Rogers might have one of the toughest jobs around, “We get a lot of animals in here at Memphis Animal Services.”

He run’s the city’s shelter as interim director for more than a year and says not every animal can be saved.

But he says one of them may have had a chance, “They knew the animal would be euthanized.”

Animal advocates said they tried to save the dog by calling and emailing the shelter.

“Trying to find out if she’s still alive,” said Jan Courtney, an animal advocate.

Rogers says they never asked the right question.

“What would have happened had she said she wanted to put the dog on hold?” asked Reporter Sabrina Hall.

“Then that clerk would have gone into the computer and added a memo,” said Rogers.

He says that didn’t happen and it was documented in a recorded phone call.

“I need to check on a dog. This is Ona,” said an animal advocate in the recording.

Rogers says an animal advocate called the shelter about the unnamed stray-dog but passed-up the opportunity to save it.

“Miss Cooper, it’s on the list for today,” said the MAS worker.

“It’s on the list for today? Alright, thanks,” said the animal advocate.

“Are you interested in adopting? I’ll have her put on…,” said the MAS worker.

“ No.  I was just checking on her status,” said the animal advocate.

“OK,” said the MAS worker.

“Alright, bye,” said the animal advocate.

“Even if they are still trying to figure out how they are going to foster the animal, how they are going to rescue the animal, we would hold that animal if there is an interest,” said Rogers.

“It just seems like the Memphis Animal Shelter is in the business of killing,” said Courtney.

Despite what some say, Rogers says Animal Services is in the business of serving the City.

“We provide excellent services,” said Rogers.  “I would like for that to be recognized.”

We found two more animal advocates who said they had called or emailed to try to save the dog, but by the time they got in touch with the shelter, the dog was already put to sleep.

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