Memphians paying to have driveways, sidewalks cleared


MEMPHIS, Tenn. – As the City of Memphis directs its plows to major thoroughfares, a number of homeowners are turning to private snow removal companies to have their driveways and sidewalks cleared.  

Swan’s Professional Services, which typically specializes in moving and landscaping, expanded its business to snow removal Thursday. 

“I got to get it however I can get it,” said owner Arthur Swanigan. 

Swanigan, armed with only a shovel, cleared the snow from a Parkway Village woman’s driveway and picked apart the ice underneath. It cost the homeowner $75. 

“It is very strenuous on your body. You get very fatigued very fast,” Swanigan said. 

Andrew’s Tree Service says it has been inundated with calls since Wednesday as frantic homeowners realized their cars are snowed into their driveways. 

“We’re getting calls every second,” said Peter Allen, director of operations. 

“One young lady last night, she was getting a car delivered to her house from Carvana, I guess. Just happened, the delivery dates just happened to be last night, so she had us clear a whole path all the way down the street and the driveway,” said owner Allen Street.  

Thursday, they plowed the parking lot of a USPS facility in Southaven and even used their bobcats to push 18-wheelers stuck in snow.  

Andrew’s services start at around $100, and they said they’ve even been approached by a band of neighbors who’ve chipped in to have their street and sidewalks plowed. 

“Give it about a week, and everything should be back to normal,” said Allen. 

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