MemFeast serves up thousands of holiday meals for the hungry


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — For the second year in Memphis, organizers and volunteers prepared for MemFeast, feeding those in need.

Volunteers were working well before the holiday, preparing thousands of cooked meals.

The first recipient was two hours early. By the time volunteers started handing out food and care bags, there was quite the line.

It was lead MemFeast organizer Brian Harris’ idea to use food trucks as a safe way to distribute meals this year. Those trucks loaded food and headed to locations all across the city. Neighborhoods known as food deserts are ones in serious need.

Lena Laws stays in a housing facility with a mission to end homelessness. Not only has she been fighting to get back on her feet, years ago, she found herself in bad health.

“When I went through the cyst, I didn’t know that I was on my death bed,” Laws said. “But I made it through three years and stayed cancer free. It’s wonderful to see all these people out here. Some of us ain’t got nowhere to stay.”

Now her feet are moving to the perfect song on the perfect day. She says her celebration is the gift of life.

“It’s really showing not only the movement of the power of God but also the enduring human spirit that also, through a pandemic was persistent in making sure the needs in our community were touched,” Laws said.

Organizers hope to continue this holiday tradition allowing everyone the chance to eat around the table next year.

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