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JACKSON, Miss. —  School officials in Mississippi say 10 students were allowed to graduate after a scoring error was made by the company hired to report state test scores.

Overall, 27,000 high school students took the U.S. History test this spring.

Of the 951 seniors who took the test, 197 passed while 754 failed.

The Mississippi Department of Education said the company they hired back in 2000 to count the scores, NCS Pearson, gave an additional point to approximately 36 senior students.

That one point made it appear that 10 of those students passed the test and they were allowed to graduate.

The other 26 students reportedly passed the U.S. History test but were still not allowed to graduate because of other requirements that were not met.

Despite the reporting error, state officials said they will not revoke any diplomas.

Last week, the state fired the testing company stating it was the third time the company has made a reporting error that impacted students.

They then voted to secure a contract with Questar for the upcoming year.

Questar already administers several tests for the state including the Mississippi Assessment Program (MAP) English language arts and the Mathematics assessments.