MBI officials provide details into their investigation of a DeSoto County Deputy-involved shooting


DESOTO COUNTY, Miss. — We now have more information on what led up to a shooting involving a DeSoto County Sheriff’s deputy this weekend.

Investigators say that officer used his weapon for his own safety. Employees say it happened in the parking lot of the O’Reillys about 15 minutes before closing Saturday night.

They say the suspect was inside the store making a purchase, and the next thing they know he was outside talking with that deputy and shortly after they heard gunshots in the parking lot.

 “Saturday night around 9:00 there was an encounter between a member of the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Department, a deputy on patrol and a civilian,” Luke Williamson, Assistant District Attorney, told WREG-TV.

Investigators say that encounter led to a shooting in the parking lot of the O’Reillys off Goodman Road in Horn Lake.

The Assistant District Attorney says the deputy was out on a routine patrol when he received information about stolen property.

They won’t say what that information was, but that’s what caused him to approach the suspect.

“That encounter led to a suspicion of a crime and the sheriff’s deputy did discharge his firearm,” Williamson said.

What exactly happened between that encounter and the deputy using his weapon is still under investigation. But investigators says the suspect was shot and taken to the hospital.

A woman who lives nearby but didn’t want to be identified says she heard around six shots.

“Next thing you know we heard a lot of shots over there at the O’Reilly and they just started putting up tape,” the woman said.

The woman, who doesn’t want to be identified, says everyone was shocked to see the crime scene tape in this part of Horn Lake.

“It’s pretty quiet so that was shocking for that incident to happen especially being so close to home,” the woman said.

The suspect is still in the hospital but improving according to officials. The deputy involved was not hurt.

There are still a lot of questions. Investigators won’t confirm if there’s video of the incident, if the suspect involved had the stolen property or if he had a weapon.

They did say there were customers here who witnessed it, and they did provide statements. The MBI is leading this investigation, so we keep you updated when we learn more.

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