MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A celebration short-lived for Memphis Animal Services. The shelter is full again days after getting more than 200 animals adopted or placed in foster homes.

Shelter directors said 147 cats and dogs were adopted, rescued, or returned to their homes between Friday and Sunday, and 55 went to foster homes.

“This gave us a brief respite from the overwhelm of the past months.” said Alexis Pugh.”

In a Facebook post, Pugh said it was worth celebrating that the community came together to save lives, but they need folks to step up again.

“At the time of publishing this post, we are already full again,” she said.

Memphis Animal Services said, while it’s an issue all over the country, this has been the hardest year of animal sheltering locally in recent memory.

Pugh said intakes are outpacing live outcomes at an unsustainable pace.

“As for the “why,” I think it’s complex. When people struggle, pets struggle, and there are a lot of human issues right now that also affect pets. Lack of affordable housing that allows pets is a huge problem, maybe even the biggest problem.”

She says pet owners can help by following the law and getting their pets spayed and neutered at six months.

MAS also said to consider having your pets microchipped and make sure they have a tag on them with your current contact information. The animal shelter will microchip your pet for $5.

“If every pet parent did all these things, there would be no preventable euthanasia of healthy, friendly pets in Memphis,” Pugh said

So far this year, Memphis Animal Services has taken in 4,4225 dogs and 1,416 cats.

If you adopt a dog or cat from the shelter during the month of August, you can name your price.

The regular adoption fees vary from $20-80 and include spay/neuter, microchip, vaccines, a collar, leash, customized ID tag, heartworm test, and treatment medications if needed.

MAS is open seven days a week from 12-4 pm at 2350 Appling City Cove. For more on the adoption process and available pets, click right here.