MAS could reach 90 percent save rate for October

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Just one year after adopting new goals, Memphis Animal Services says they are making strides towards improving their save rate.

In October 2016, MAS partnered with Target Zero, an organization that aims is to help shelters get to a 90 percent save rate for the year.

The shelter is currently at 86 percent for the year. While that’s not where they want it to be, MAS is heading in the right direction. The organization announced on Tuesday its save rate for the month of October is sitting around 91 percent, an increase over the previous record of 86 percent set back in May, August and September 2017.

“Even though we haven’t yet made it to our ultimate goal of eliminating euthanasia for space, we still believe in the importance of celebrating our progress through milestones like our save rate,” said Alexis Pugh. “We are so proud and grateful for our staff, volunteers, fosters, donors, rescue partners, media partners, and anyone else in the community who is helping us save more animals than ever before.”

In order to keep this momentum going, they need your help getting their furry friends a place of their own.

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MAS is currently offering two promotions to increase adoptions:


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