Marshall County Schools building referendum passes by wide margin

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MARSHALL COUNTY, Miss. —The Marshall County Schools building referendum has passed by a wide margin.

Over 80 percent of voters voted for the bond issue, and just over 11 percent voted against it.

Mary Houston showed up Tuesday morning at Potts Camp City Hall to vote on the Marshall County Schools building  referendum.

Houston is one of 15,000 registered voters in Marshall County who are eligible to vote on the bond issue, but it will only take a 60 percent majority to pass.

“I think it’s important for the children of Marshall County. I feel it’s important. I think the schools need a lot of improving, and I think this bond issue will help to get those improvements that are needed.”

Eight schools in the district will undergo major renovations thanks to nearly $9 million in bond money.

“We have either schools that need roofs, structural repairs, bathroom renovations. We need additional classroom space on some campuses more than others,” Superintendent Lela Hale said.

The district is retiring the 1999 school bonds, and the special elections will issue new bonds.

Hale says no tax increase will be needed to fund the bonds. She credits a robust economy in Marshall County.

“Right now I feel we’re in the hears of more or less an industrial revolution, because we have a lot of industry moving in.”

She says district schools need to be prepared to educate some 3,000 students for college and careers.

In Red Banks, Mississippi only a few of the precincts 650 voters had cast their ballots by 2 p.m.

But District One Commissioner Sheri McClatchy was optimistic that more would show up before 7 p.m. “The majority of people that have come in to vote seem like they’re ready for it.”

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