Marshall County Man Shot In The Neck During Argument Over Pitbull

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(Marshall County, MS) A Marshall County man is in critical condition at the MED after being shot in the neck.

The Marshall County Sheriff’s Department is investigating Monday night’s shooting.

The names of those involved aren’t being released because the investigation is ongoing.

Neighbors are wondering what happened in this usually quiet part of Marshall County.

At the house on Wall Hill Farms Road, where the reported shooting happened Monday night, no one wanted to talk.

The Marshall County Sheriff’s Department said two men got into an argument over a pit bull sometime between 7 and 7:30.

The argument escalated, and a 27-year-old man was shot in the neck with a 25-caliber automatic pistol.

The altercation was loud enough that Danielle Geeslin’s two daughters could hear it from inside their home, all the way across the road.

“They were in the house and they heard the screaming and yelling an carrying on and went to the window and looked out and didn’t see anything. But they knew it was coming from over in that direction,” said Geeslin.

She said her daughters then saw two vehicles speed off and recognized the vehicles as   belonging to people who live at the house.

Investigators wouldn’t release the names of the people involved, but said the argument was between the 27-year-old and his mother’s boyfriend and say it appears the shooting was accidental.

Deputies say no ambulance was called because the victim was taken to the hospital by a relative.

Danielle Geeslin was shocked by what happened Monday night on the normally quiet Marshall County Road.

She said the people involved,  including the mother’s boyfriend,  have always been sociable neighbors.

“We do cookouts and stuff, bonfire type things and he’ll come over. We’ll all talk, chit-chat, but everything always seems normal,” said Geeslin.

Kelly McMillen, chief investigator with the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department, said no charges have been filed so far, and that information has also been handed over to the District Attorney’s office.

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