Marshall County authorities seek help in search for escaped murder suspect

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MEMPHIS, Tenn — The search for an escaped murder suspect has turned into a multi-state investigation.

Multiple agencies are searching here in Memphis where Adam is from, and he is considered to be extremely dangerous.

Investigators say they are getting tips, but they need more.

27-year-old Antoine Adams has been on the run for nearly three full days.

Officials say Adams escaped his Marshall County Jail cell by bursting through a window and crawling under a fence.

Adams is charged with two murders in Memphis and another in Marshall County – along with a long list of other crimes.

Criminal investigator Kelly McMillen issued a warning about Adams.

“We’re looking for a guy that’s dangerous,” said McMillen. “We believe he’s dangerous. It’s just like any other case in reference to just don’t let your guard down.”

The Marshall County Sheriff maintains the process of replacing the windows in Adams’ cell with steel plates was underway when he escaped.

He also said that work towards Adams section of the cell was set to began the day after he broke out.

“I know that through word of mouth and what I’ve seen that there is construction to prevent anymore of these situations,” said McMillen.

McMillen says his department has been working with other agencies across the Mid-South to track down Adams.

“We don’t have any solid evidence to say he is either in Mississippi or Tennessee. We really don’t know at this point,” said McMillen. “We need all the help that we can get.”

Yesterday, their investigation led them to a Raleigh subdivision where the house was turned upside down.

We saw for ourselves the search warrant issued by Shelby County that said there is good reason to believe Adams could be at the house, but the family there says they don`t know him.

“All I know is that they may have located him,” said McMillen. “They advised us of it, and we were somewhat in that area. Not that area, but the Memphis area.”

McMillen urges anyone who might see Adams to immediately call law enforcement or 911 but has a strong warning.

“Do not approach this individual, because at this time we don’t know what kind of mental state he’s in,” said McMillen. “We don’t know if he is armed.”

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