Marquita Bradshaw prepares to tour Tennessee ahead of November election


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Marquita Bradshaw is gearing up to tour all 95 counties across the Volunteer State.

The Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate says she wants to engage with people throughout Tennessee to try and upset Republican Bill Hagerty in the November election. Bradshaw says her plan to get to Washington D.C. is the same as it was when she won the primary. She plans on continuing to listen to what voters have to say.

“People want some economic solutions,” Bradshaw said. “They want solutions to make sure their children are getting a high-quality education.”

Bradshaw said that, in addition to economic stability, people in Tennessee want someone in the Senate to deal with environmental issues. Additionally, she says she relates to people in the state. When the coronavirus pandemic began, she lost consulting jobs, and she says she does not own a car and went through a bankruptcy, during these uncertain times.

Bradshaw said she understands the pain Tennesseans are going through.

“Seeing a person who lives the issues represent them,” Bradshaw said. “That narrative carried to places I couldn’t physically touch because of COVID.”

Bradshaw was the first African-American to win a statewide primary in Tennessee. She says now is the time for the state and the nation to embrace diversity and listen to people who may not look like them.

“We should welcome people into this process because the more people that participate, that means our representative republic can achieve true democracy,” Bradshaw said.

Since Bradshaw entered politics, her following has continued to grow over time. During the primary, she raised $25,000, since winning last Thursday, she says she has raised almost $200,000.

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