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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — History is made in Tennessee as Marquita Bradshaw becomes the first African-American woman to win a statewide major party nomination.

 She will represent the democrats in the US Senate race to fill Lamar Alexander’s seat.

Bradshaw posted a video to her Twitter account after her victory over Nashville attorney and odds favorite James Mackler.

“No, we did it. This was not Marquita by herself,” Bradshaw said.

She did it with a background in environmental justice and human rights advocacy.

The U of M graduate who grew up in South Memphis is a single mom. She admits she ran a low budget campaign compared to the money spent by her opponents.

“With less than $25,000 dollars we beat a million-dollar budget,” Bradshaw said. “Because people lent their resources and worked their networks.”

And now it’s going to take even more work as she faces Republican heavy weight Bill Haggerty, who has President Trump’s backing.

Mary Mancini, the chair of the Tennessee Democratic Party, calls Bradshaw’s win exciting.

“It’s an historic time for us. It is an historic candidacy,” said Mancini. “We couldn’t be more excited and pleased.”

She says the State Democratic Party doesn’t back candidates in primaries but will work to help Bradshaw win in November.

“Her campaign is one of inclusion, making sure that everyone no matter  who you are, what you look like, where you live, how you pray, who you love has an opportunity to have a better life for themselves,” Mancini said.

“Grassroot organizing, along with the proper budget, is going to flip this U.S. Senate seat and make history,” Bradshaw said.

We attempted to speak with Bradshaw today, but her representatives say she is socially distancing and using this day to prepare her family and community for the race ahead.

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