Eduardo Marmolejo Says He’s Changed Since Killing His Principal

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(Memphis) After pleading guilty to second degree murder in the death of Suzette York, a deal that gave him less time and allowed the victim’s family to not relive the murder in a trial, Eduardo Marmolejo said there is too much school violence.

He admitted to being a part of the problem, but now he says he wants to fix it.

Marmolejo was sentenced to 35 years in prison for methodically planning to stab Memphis Junior Academy Principal Suzette York to death because he says he didn’t like her and she made him angry.

The teen used his sentencing chance to talk about what he did.

“I apologize for my bad behavior. It was wrong what I did and I should not have done it because it not only hurt Ms. York but also her family and her friends,” said Marmolejo.

In addition to his apology, Marmolejo said there is too much violence in schools, and he is part of the problem.

“There's already too much violence in the world. Especially in the schools, and instead of thinking and trying to help to make things better I made it worse.  I ask for forgiveness,” said Marmolejo.

When 18-year-old Marmolejo leaves jail, he'll be around 50 years old.

York's husband and family agreed to the deal so they didn't have to relive her horrific murder during a trial.

“This is an extremely difficult situation for him in particular because of the way he actually came upon is scene,” said prosecutor Reginald Henderson.

Marmolejo hopes others won't make the same bad choices he has, “I am doing things to better my life and make it not just for me but for everyone I come in contact and meet in the future to try and help and encourage me and help them make better decisions so people don't mess up their lives like me."

Marmolejo's attorney says he committed the crime because he was a loner and has emotional issues from his childhood.

He will now be transferred to a state prison where he will be held in the general adult population because he is 18.

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