Marion, Arkansas residents say they’re fighting city for crime information

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MARION, Ark. — Marion, Arkansas is a quiet community, but some say it may be keeping too quiet.

People who live in Marion have complained they don`t think city leaders are coming clean when it comes to what`s really going on.

"I never expected them to report the news but if anything happens around here I am sure they would not withhold nothing you know," one resident told us.

But many don't know. Most recently questions have been raised about an investigation into the Marion Police Department involving a police officer`s actions.

WREG has been flooded with emails asking us to report on the issue, but our requests for interviews and information have gone unanswered.

We went to the police department after leaving several messages over the last week, but we were told the Police Chief was unreachable.

It was the same with longtime Mayor Frank Fogleman, who recently wrote on social media after winning another term that he was ready to do a better job letting citizens know what's going on via his City Facebook page.

But some balked, replying "if not for social media, no one would know about all the crime happening in Marion."

Another commented, "Mayor Fogleman your citizens are answering your call for input and you are still silent."

Even the local newspaper is calling out the mayor and police for keeping a tight lid on what crime is actually happening in town.

The paper wrote, "We are ashamed to say that for decades we have attempted to gain cooperation of the Marion Police Department as to what is going on in Marion. We have constantly been denied access to crime reports and told nothing is going on of any significance."

Some say Marion's mantra seems to be if you are not in the news, that means nothing is happening.

"I think Marion is a safe city compared to a lot of places I have  been," another resident told us.

At a time when people want to feel safe, transparency about things going on around them is key.

"I think the people ought to know what's going on," said the Marion resident.

WREG is still waiting to hear back from Marion's mayor and police chief. As for that police investigation, if it is going on, no one is talking.


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