Who killed Cameron Reed in Coldwater, Mississippi?

Manhunt Monday

COLDWATER, Miss. — It’s been one year and still, there are more questions than answers in the murder of a young man in North Mississippi.

“I wouldn’t wish this on any other mother to go through this, for you to loose a son like this, for someone to come to your house and take him away,” said Tammy Young. “it’s a pain that you can’t ever get over.”

Young’s life was turned up side down in October 2019 when someone murdered her son.

Police in Coldwater, Mississippi say 20-year-old Cameron Reed was killed when someone knocked on the door to his small apartment. When he answered the door, they opened fire.

Reed’s girlfriend broke the news to his mother.

“She said, ‘Cameron was shot’ and I was like, ‘Shot? Where is he at?’ She said he was laying on the floor,” Young said. “I screamed and hollered and woke my husband up and I told him Cameron been shot, we got to go.”

By the time young made it to the scene, her son was already dead.

“I didn’t get to see him. They wouldn’t let me see him so I didn’t get to say goodbye to him,” she said.

Officers say the motive was likely robbery. Detectives said after the gunmen shot Reed, they ransacked his apartment while his girlfriend hid in the bedroom.

Investigators say they’ve questioned several people in connection with Reed’s murder but no one has been charged yet.

Officers say the gunmen got away in a older model gold colored Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Young believes if the suspects are not caught now they will soon strike again.

“You was brave enough to come to his house to kill him, you need to be brave enough to take your punishment,” she said.

If you know who killed Cameron Reed call Coldwater Police at 662-622- 7979 or Tate County CrimeStoppers at 662-301-1111. All calls are confidential.

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