MARSHALL COUNTY, Miss. (WREG) — April 2 was a quiet Sunday, but it turned into one of the most terrifying days of Cody Kennedy’s life.

Kennedy says he was driving his two sons to their little league baseball game, on Highway 7 near Highway 4 in Marshall County. It was just after 7 in the morning on a two-lane road.

He passed a car, and moments later, Kennedy says that same vehicle was driving alongside his truck.

“I saw the driver hang a gun out of the window and start waving it,” Kennedy said. “They swerved back and forth, the driver, I would say he flashed the gun three or four times.”

Kennedy stepped on the brakes, allowing two men in the car to drive ahead, trying to put some distance between them. Right before they went over a hill, he saw the passenger flash the gun for the first time.

For one second, Kennedy thought it could be over — but then this happened.

“When I topped the hill, the car was parked in my lane and the passenger was hanging out, and he fired three, I think there were four or five shots at us,” he said.

Kennedy yelled at his two sons to duck down in the floor of his truck. Two shots went through the windshield. A third bullet his a headlight.

Kennedy turned around in the middle of the highway to get away.

“A few days later I pulled a string from the hole in the windshield to the hole above the back glass windshield. It was within three or four inches of me and within 12 inches of my kids,” he said. “The Lord was definitely with us that morning, no doubt about it.”

The Marshall County Sheriff’s Office released a surveillance picture of what they believe is the suspect’s car.

Deputies say two men were in a blue or gray newer-model Toyota sedan, or possibly a Chevrolet, with tinted windows and a Texas license plate.

“They took something from me that I can’t really explain,” Kennedy said. “It’s put a different anger that I’ve never had before.”

If you know anything about this case, you are urged to call the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department at (662) 252-1311.

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