Southaven Police search for suspects who attacked woman who caught them red-handed

Manhunt Monday

SOUTHAVEN, Miss. — A Southaven mother watched a crime unfold on her front porch, but when she stepped in to stop it, the crooks attacked her.

Marilu Garcia said she’s scared, but she’s sick and tired of crime. That’s why she fighting back.

In December, two men tried to steal her children’s bikes right off her front porch. And she said this not the first time thieves have tried to rip off her family.

“They took one of my son’s friends’ bikes,” Garcia said.

Making matters worse, Garcia’s husband was involved in a bad accident last month. As a result, money is tight, so the last thing she needed was to be the victim of a crime.

When Garcia spotted the two men trying to steal her kids’ bikes, she grabbed her cell phone and started recording. The suspects had no idea Garcia was inside her home watching their every move.

“It wasn’t the first time that they came to steal the bikes,” Garcia said.

Police said when Garcia confronted the two suspects, they attacked her. She was pushed, grabbed and shoved. They even snatched the cell phone right out of her hand.

Garcia said the two men also shouted profanities.

“One of the family members blocked them as they left off the porch,” Southaven Police Detective Kern said.

Officers said the two men ran away. They believe they live in the area.

Detectives said Garcia did the right thing by taking video of them, but they caution everyone against confronting bad guys.

“I wouldn’t necessarily recommend confronting them every time because you don’t know what they are or are not going to do,” Detective Kern said.

If you recognize the two young men in the above photo, you are asked to call the Southaven Police Department at 662-393-0228. All calls are confidential.


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